Executive Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring & Coaching is probably one of the most important things any Entrepreneur should invest in both in time and money. But hardly any make the time or funds to do this and when and if they do this is always left until the business has reached its first growth GP or Turnover plateau.


We all need that person to report to or to be responsible too (the wife/husband doesn’t count) and as an entrepreneur we no longer really have this! The Tech Dojo have some pretty awesome Mentor/Entrepreneurs to shoot questions at who have pretty much been there, seen it or done it. This experience is priceless so use and abuse it!!! They also have great relationships with other businesses and suppliers, always good to have the door opened to an intro or two.


Coaching is a bit different and normally with someone on more of a one to one basis and with someone from the industry you are from. The Dojo has some great relationships in the network so we would be able to help in some way shape or form.

Other Services


Creative Space

  • Creative Lounge
  • Just bring your laptop
  • Dedicated Fibre & Great Coffee
Payroll & Finance

Payroll / Finance

  • Payroll options
  • On-site accounts
  • Help with tax returns


  • Seed Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • Locate business grants